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Approved Group Travel Agencies

The following agencies are approved to book MSU Group Travel. You may contact them directly or use the Request for Quotation Form:

Request for Quotation Form (pdf)

Frosch Travel
24/7 Agent Assistance
Local: 517-827-2719
Toll-free: 844-434-5026
Campus: 517-884-9400
Outside US: 517-827-2719

These procedures are set forth to assist MSU employees who need to plan and oversee university hosted meetings and sponsored group travel:

  1. Determine the following:
    1. Size of Meeting or Group
    2. Meeting and travel requirements
    3. Demographics of participants/travelers
    4. Estimate total cost
  2. Michigan State University Departments are expected to follow University travel policy and procedures as well as abide by all applicable federal, state, local and law, regulation, ordinance, and licensing.
  3. Select a Preferred Travel Agency (PTA) or Qualified Group Travel Agency to arrange the meeting and/or travel services. Departments are encouraged to use the Preferred Travel Agencies or Qualified Group Travel Agency whenever possible.
    1. Preferred Travel Agency Benefits:
      1. Direct billing of meeting and travel expenses,
      2. Access to existing university and agency-negotiated discounts, and
      3. Working with travel agencies who are experienced in developing, negotiating, and coordinating Michigan State University Meetings and Group travel events.
    2. Qualified Group Travel Agency Benefits
      1. For total expenses up to $25,000
      2. Ensures that your department is using a supplier who meets the business requirements of MSU,
      3. Is a reputable and experienced agency in the area of Meetings and Group Travel, and
      4. Agents are skilled in working with large, complex organizations such as MSU.
  4. If the estimated cost for the Meeting or Group travel exceeds $25,000, the meeting/travel must be competitively bid. Contact Purchasing at (517)355-0357 for assistance.
  5. Access the “Group Travel Request for Quote Form” (RFQ) electronically on the Group Travel page on the MSU Travel at State website.
    1. Complete the page 1 of the form adding as much detail as possible of the Meeting and/or Group.
    2. A deadline should be provided when sending out the RFQ as to when a written response is due.
    3. Verbal quotes or bids should not be accepted.
  6. Send the RFQ to a minimum of 2 Qualified Group Travel Agencies. Refer to the listing of Qualified Group Travel Agencies (will need to be developed and made available electronically via the Travel Home Page) for agency names, fax numbers and email addresses.
  7. Once the bids are received, the MSU Department (with the assistance of Purchasing) needs to review the quotes and select an agency. It is the MSU Department’s responsibility to notify all travel agencies responding to the RFQ regarding the outcome of the RFQ decision process.
  8. Contracts may only be signed by designated MSU employees, such as MSU Purchasing. (See Section 270 of the Manual of Business Procedures for further information.)
  9. Proceed with making the travel arrangements with the selected PTA or Qualified Group Travel Agency.
  10. Retain the quotes you received and any additional information that contributed to your selection process.
    1. These quotes are to be kept for a minimum of three (3) years.
      1. In the event that an audit occurs, your department may be required to produce this documentation.
      2. For departments traveling with federal funds, retain the documentation in accordance with the requirements of your grant.
  11. As with any travel paid for by MSU, individual travelers are to submit all actual receipts that confirm the MSU funded travel activity.
    1. Receipts are reconciled against eDocs issued to the agency or credit/debit card statements for verification.