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Object Codes

Definitions follow the United States General Services Administration, which administers application of lodging and meal per diems for the federal government.

  1. Continental United States (CONUS)
    1. In State (6901) – travel in which the origin and destination are within the same state including travel within the home community exclusive of on-campus travel:
      1. On-campus and travel within 1 mile of main place of business is not reimbursable.
      2. Student Field Trips — see the Manual of Business Procedures, Section 25
    2. Out of State (6902) – travel within the contiguous 48 United States in which origin and destination are not in the same state.
  2. Outside Continental United States (OCONUS)
    1. OCONUS (6902) Travel in which the destination or origin is outside the continuous United States including Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  3. International (Foreign)
    1. International (6903) - travel in which the destination or origin is outside the United States and its territories.
    2. Information for international travelers is provided by the Office of International Health and Safety.